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European Tree Worker at LVG Heidelberg was awarded the 5,000th certification

Bad Honnef. Mr Quirin Irmscher is the 5,000th certified European Tree Worker (ETW). On behalf of EAC President Jonathan Cocking, Petra Werner, head of the arboricultural department and one of the first examiners in Germany, handed over the certificate to him on Friday, 22nd February 2019. In addition to the certificate, Mr Irmscher was delighted to receive a present (book and wine) from EAC. In autumn 2018 he started to take the preparatory course with 23 other candidates at LVG Heidelberg, and now has achieved to pass the exam successfully, being awarded as the 5,000th certified ETW. "The European Tree Worker and European Tree Technican certifications have become a true model of success over the last 20 years. The EAC has only been able to implement these certifications thanks to the Leonardo da Vinci projects in 1996 and 2004 and many teaching facilities – such as LVG Heidelberg,” explains EAC Secretary Wolfgang Groß.

Since 2002, LVG Heidelberg has held 18 ETW examinations with 407 candidates. Besides, it is the leading educational institution for advanced arboricultural training in Germany. Moreover, it has been offering the “Fachagrarwirt Baumpflege und Baumsanierung” (Specialist in Arboriculture and Tree Maintenance) certification since 1993, often combined with the European Tree Technician (ETT) exam, to give candidates the chance to obtain both a German and a European certificate by taking one final examination.



Photo: Mr Quirin Irmscher (middle) is the 5,000th certified European Tree Worker. He obtained his certificate from Petra Werner (right), head of the arboricultural department of LVG Heidelberg, in the presence of EAC Supervisor Henk van Scherpenzeel, NL.

ETW and ETT certification

In Germany 11 state-run and private training centres offer the advanced training and certification for ETW and ETT. Europe-wide there are 38 certification centres in 17 countries. In 2018 the EAC Office coordinated a total of 33 ETW examinations in 11 countries, certified 318 European Tree Workers and recertified 808, while 96 European Tree Technicians successfully completed their exams (11 exams in 5 countries). Each ETW and ETT exam is monitored by 32 international supervisors, thus the quality level of qualification can be guaranteed in all European countries. Around 50 examinations take place throughout Europe every year. Altogether, the EAC has managed 449 ETW and 127 ETT examinations with almost 8,000 candidates to date – and this trend is expected to be continued.